Our Company manufactures Custom built equipments on almost on turnkey basis right from the inception stage to that of Testing/Handing Over of the same, in accordance wit the Technical Specifications, GA Drawings, QAP, WPS,
3rd Party Inspection Clearance etc., we will be providing all the required services such as Design & Engineering, Procurement of Raw-materials/Bought Out Components of approved Engineering/Technical Specifications/Approved Vendors, Manufacturing and Inspection Clearance stage wise before final approval/clearance thus passing through various critical stages, Specialized Painting applications like Bekelite Painting for PGC pipes etc., After Sales Services during the course of Guarantee Period, Providing Commissioning Assistance including Experts Specialized Services etc., Training facilities and always be available at Customers’ Call.

Our Services in the above areas have been appreciated and our Company is privileged to take up challenging jobs keeping Quality/Cost Effective and Economical/Durable and the last but not least with committed delivery schedules to our various Customers/End Users. We look forward for perennial growth of our Industry in all walks of life. In brief, the various services being provided by us are summarised as under.