Erecting & Testing


The Erection of equipments, piping and their accessories etc., will be carried at site by using the required cranes — hydraulic cranes and crawler cranes, derricks, slings, winch machines, chain pulleys, jacks, tools – tackles and consumables, man power etc., depending upon the type of equipment, dimensions like diameter, length, width and height including weight etc., under the inspection agencies of our Customer/Client. Further, during the course of erection activities, all the safety procedures as laid down by our Customers/End Users apart from our internal safety will be strictly adhered with out any deviations. We also believe safety is our top most priority. Certain critical nature of works such as expansion of tubes for Heat Exchangers, Primary Gas Coolers etc., fixing of fasteners, bought out items etc., when taken up as a part of erection works, utmost care will be taken to avoid unforeseen circumstances.


Various testing shall be carried out prior to commissioning/put to use at site such as pneumatic testing/hydraulic testing to ascertain any leaks, at the required test pressure by using air compressor, hydraulic test pump.pump.